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My name is Hannah Lentz and I am a
journalist, blogger and freelance copywriter 
based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

'This is What Democracy Looks Like'
It's estimated that one in every 100 Americans marched Saturday, Jan. 21, to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump and promote the need for equal rights as part of the "Women's March on Washington."
Stuff You Need Cheap
CEO of SYNC – StuffYouNeedCheap.com, Kevin Pluimer looks to make good hygiene a priority through monthly undergarment distribution.
Rising Above the Rubble
Ibtisam Matta woke up at 5:40 a.m. this morning. She packed her backpack with books, notebooks, pencils and pens and left by 6 a.m. to make it to the gym before the start of her day. In all aspects, she's the average college student.
The Start and Failure of Ayloo
From the outside, a technology startup seems like a simple way to present a heartfelt idea and make millions. The reality of the situation is that it may be more of a process than often is initially considered.
'I Refuse to be Irrelevant'
Lucy Aharish still remembers walking into the bathroom of her school and seeing the words that were painted on the walls, "Lucy is a dirty Arab," "Death to Arabs."
The Entrepreneurial Relationship
CEO of CoFoundersLab and now CMO of Onevest, Shahab Kaviani is well versed in the world of startups.
Doing More Good
By the age of 10, Bill McKendry was negotiating home mortgage rates on behalf of his deaf parents. These were the first – and certainly not the last – group of people he gave a voice to in corporate America.
A Work of Collaboration
By October of 2014, 85 colleges and universities came under federal investigation for their handling of sexual violence incidents on campuses across the nation. Grand Valley State University is one of those universities under investigation.
Ideas with Creative Courage
Creativity is often looked at as something that only tortured artists and authors can access. If Alex Raffi, has a say, creativity can be utilized and obtained in any profession regardless of stereotype.
Police Patrol
“Ride Along,” two words that mean much more than simply accompanying an officer handing out traffic tickets. Instead, this experience gave the Lanthorn a look into the life of a police officer.
Moving to the Caymans
The idea of running a company capable of earning 100 percent tax-exempt revenue on international business seems more fantastical than plausible.
A Billion Dollar Company
As a child, Nanxi Liu (now cofounder and CEO at Enplug), was very dedicated to playing the piano.
Engaging the Market
Grand Rapids is known for many things. From craft beers to diverse museums and a continually growing healthcare industry, businesses related to these industries are moving to West Michigan in search of a new and engaged market.
Destroying the Spreadsheet
Chaney Ojinnaka is creating a bridge between European startups and institutional investors with an algorithm to score their success rate.
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